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News from Shandong!

[ 10/3/2008 12:21:06 PM | Author:Amanda | From:Original | weather:Sunny ]

Hello everyone!


I¡¯m glad to see such a positive response to our website. I want to apologize for not updating the site sooner. We¡¯ve had some slow internet connections at the hotels that have held us back a bit.


I¡¯m glad to inform you, everyone¡¯s safe! We¡¯ve be doing tons of riding and site seeing.


Jinan city, the capital of Shandong, gave us a wonderful kick off to our Harley ride. We arrived at the Shandong Culture Industry Fair to find a huge crowd of people and large banner welcoming us. Jinan was only the start Shandong welcoming Harley into their province.


We headed to Qufu to be in the hometown of Confucius on his birthday¡ªhence the name of the Tour! Again, we were welcomed by the local residents with open arms. There was an Official Welcome Ceremony held for Harley-Davidson with music, dancers, and local government officials who gave us a welcoming speech and then opened the city gates for the riders to march through in a procession. Our riders were treated like celebrities ¨C and everyone wanted a picture with the guys and their bikes!


Our next stop was in Tai an where we rode a cable car to the top of the mountain. What an incredible view! There was a small town of people who actually reside on top of the mountain year round. We learned that the cable car was built only two years ago, and before that, these people would carry their supplies up and down the mountain. A climb that takes about 8 hours!


From Tai an we rode to Weifang. This proved to be the greatest leg of the ride. It was dark by the time we made it and we learned that Chinese riders aren¡¯t big on using he

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