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Hello, from China!

[ 9/29/2008 5:41:08 AM | Author:Amanda | From:Original | weather:Sunny ]

Dear Family, Friends and HOGS,


We¡¯re having a wonderful time here in China. We arrived in Shandong yesterday morning, and the people have been so friendly and hospitable. The bikes were ready and waiting for the riders outside when we arrived at the hotel! There were plenty of media and curious people waiting to hear and see what Harley is all about. After the local police provided a safety and traffic lesson, the riders fueled their bikes.  We had a wonderful dinner and now we¡¯re all ready show China Harley-Davidson!


I¡¯m sure many of the riders have told you that you will be able to track our progress throughout the trip. We¡¯ve started posting pictures from our first days in Beijing. On the homepage, you can click the day you¡¯d like to view the pictures from under the ¡°News Events¡± section.


Feel free to leave us comments and ask us questions. We¡¯d love to hear from all of you! Of course, check back with us, we¡¯ll be updating you regularly with our news and photos.





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